Different outcomes require a different kind of conversation.

One that acknowledges challenges and doesn’t gloss over them. One that encourages a diversity of voices and opinions. And one that is willing to look for new possibilities. Facilitation structures the conversation so that you can find a different outcome.

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We facilitate board meetings and strategy sessions. We’re experts at managing individual and team dynamics. And we’re happy to support you as a moderator and MC to keep everyone focused and on target. We also facilitate performance management cycles where we evaluate talent, identify strong succession candidates and determine what skills or training they need to confidently step into a new role.


What you can expect from us...

We’re here to listen first and ask questions to help you reach a deeper understanding, see a new perspective or find a more nuanced solution.

We create space, and an environment, where very voice is heard

 We observe team dynamics and strive to help you find common ground as you work towards common goals.

We give you the option to bring your own content or have us design it with you.

I’ve got more than a decade of facilitation under my belt. I bring a unique blend of empathy and strategic insight to everything I do which allows me to stay focused on the outcome while being mindful of the interpersonal team dynamics. 

I believe every challenge presents an opportunity for growth. I’m here to support you and your team so you can stay on track and on target while maintaining a culture that respects different styles and allows for healthy dissent.  

MEET YOUR LEAD facilitator

Hi, I’m Amanda

(MBA, MSOD, PCC, Coach/ Facilitator)

There is a palpable difference in the way in which the Management Team is communicating with each other as a direct result of all the work put into the Revitalization Project. They are speaking a new language

- HR Director