We work with groups and teams at all levels so they can learn together. From team skill-building to training managers to be effective coaches, investing in your team creates ripples that impact your entire organization. Whether you’re expanding capacity, navigating change, chaos, or cultural evolution this is an opportunity for growth.

Our team or leadership development programs combine the best of training, facilitation and coaching to ensure the best possible outcome.



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*Global Culture Report, 2021

With all of the seismic changes of the last two years, what is the one thing that hasn’t changed? The importance to create a culture where employees can thrive. 

57% of companies anticipate major changes to their culture as a result of the pandemic.* Whether those changes help retain talent, position your company for the future and increase engagement, productivity and profits...is up to you.

Your competitive advantage is your workforce.

“To win the marketplace you must first win the workplace.”

- Doug Conant former CEO and president of Campbell’s Soup

The Shift


Employees are voting with their feet now more than ever. The prevalence of remote work opportunities has revolutionized the job market. For those wondering if the greener grass theory holds true - now seems like the perfect time to take that leap. Which means it’s up to you to give them a reason to stay.

By providing opportunities to learn, grow and reconnect that are inclusive, abundant and meaningful you strengthen the culture, give employees the chance to level up their skills and ultimately...give them a reason to stay.

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Never Boring, Always Practical

Our trainings are engaging, interactive spaces where everyone’s voice has a chance to be heard. We start with a bit of theory. Discuss its application so it’s clear how can you use this in your work. Next, we’ll give your team an opportunity to practice, come back and debrief. Everyone leaves with an individual plan so they can take action and immediately begin to apply their learning. After training follow-up questions are always welcomed.

“Treat employees like they make a difference and they will.”

- Jim Goodnight CEO and co-founder of SAS Institute


We offer team or leadership development programs that will give your employees the skills to succeed; teams will thrive even in challenging situations and leaders will become the beating heart of your organization, empowering and encouraging everyone to give their best.



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Choose from our tried, tested and expertly delivered training topics that include: communication, managing conflict, integrating a diversity of styles (DiSC), emotional intelligence, situational leadership, managing / delegating, giving feedback and managing performance.

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Are you looking for a bespoke training solution that fits your organization’s needs to a T? We’re happy to discuss your specific requirements that allow us to define and design a training package based on your unique challenges, group culture and desired outcomes.

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"I found it really interesting to learn the pros & cons of the conflict-handling modes and when it's best to use each mode."

- VP Engineering 

- seth godin

“It turns out what actually separates thriving organizations from struggling ones are the difficult-to-measure attitudes, processes and perceptions of the people who do the work.

Culture beats strategy every time.

How it Works

Our services are delivered remotely or in person.

We have a collaborative approach and take the time to understand your culture and unique needs before we jump in.

We teach the theory, discuss its application, give your team an opportunity to practice, debrief and create an individual plan to apply their learning.

Assessments we use depending on your needs…

Strength Deployment Inventory
Agile EQ
DiSC assessment
TKI Conflict Resolution Model
Five Behaviors

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I’ve got more than a decade of coaching and training under my belt. I also serve as adjunct faculty for the Executive Coaching Program at Georgetown. I bring a unique blend of empathy and strategic insight to everything I do which allows me to stay focused on the outcome while being mindful of the interpersonal team dynamics. 

I believe every challenge presents an opportunity for growth - your team, your culture, and your company have the potential to come out stronger than ever.

Hi, I’m Amanda

(MBA, MSOD, PCC, Coach/ Facilitator)

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Because when your team feels supported and inspired they’re more creative, innovative, and engaged. Providing opportunities to learn and grow together can be the spark for change that proactively meets the challenges you’re currently facing AND positions your company for long-term growth.

In order to retain top talent, it’s time to recognize your employees ARE your competitive advantage.