The way we work has been forever changed. And waiting for life and business to return to “normal” only hinders your ability to grow your company and continue to serve your customers and clients. It’s time to create a space where teamwork can be successful, employees can learn to lead and level up their skills and even top executives get the support they need. After all, challenges are what make business interesting and how you face them can mean the difference between creating sustainable, long-term growth or being left behind.


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A library of resources to support founders, HR and L&D professionals, Chiefs of Staff, and organizational change specialists in developing effective strategies that meet the unique needs of their organization. So that you can implement faster and make a positive impact now. 

The Hive

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Consulting provides a thought partner to help you navigate change, challenge the status quo, and think through organizational and business decisions so that you can create sustained performance and growth, regain equilibrium, and ultimately transform your business to better meet the needs of your employees, your customers, and the marketplace. We provide consultation on mergers and acquisitions, talent and culture, communication, organizational shifts, and change management.


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Facilitation provides a space where new perspectives are welcomed which becomes a powerful catalyst for accomplishing objectives. We facilitate meetings that matter, with senior executives, boards, and program or product teams. Subjects might include the future direction of the company, business reviews, performance management, succession planning, or board meetings.


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Investing in your team creates ripples that impact your entire organization. We work with groups and teams at all levels so they can learn together, level up their skills, or become confident, authentic leaders. Whether you’re expanding capacity, navigating change, chaos, or cultural evolution this is an opportunity to proactively meet current challenges and position your company for long-term success.


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Coaching is a 1:1 relationship between a client and a coach to maximize the client’s personal and professional potential. This is achieved through structured, thought-provoking conversation and a creative process. It’s a chance to gather data on yourself, a time to consider your impact, explore new possibilities, and try on new behaviors. It provides a space for you to focus, assess, and reflect on what’s working and what isn’t.

We offer leadership and executive coaching, team or group coaching, career coaching, and coaching for those in transition / between roles (transitional career coaching) or internally (for example our Founder to CEO coaching). Our sister company, The Coaching Cottage, provides coaching for individuals at the intersection of Life and Work, paid or unpaid.

Even small changes can have a dramatic impact on your effectiveness - coaching can help you create a future vision, grow self-awareness, consider different perspectives, define values, and set intentions so that you can shift your mindset, create new habits, respond differently, and lead more effectively. Coaching delivers results that you can feel and others can see.