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With the “great resignation” sweeping across the US it’s easier than ever for top talent to walk away. While many factors contribute to retention, 93% of employees said they’d stay at their current company longer if it invested in their careers. Learning and development cannot be an afterthought.

To design an irresistible learning experience for employees by providing opportunities to acquire new skills and support their growth.

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HR resources are stretched between managing burnout, creating recognition programs, integrating JEDI (justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion), leadership development, onboarding, and more. You’re asked to move mountains with a shoestring budget. So, if you could save time and money while delivering even more amazing learning experiences? It would be an easy yes.


We’re filling the gap by creating a space where you can find the resources you need (no more scouring the web or starting from scratch) and learn to design, develop and deliver the trainings that will promote a positive culture and retain employees.


Work where you’re continuously inspired.

Inspire them with content you feel excited to offer and confident delivering.




Every month a new guide will help you decide the best strategy and offerings for your organization. Plus you’ll have the chance to attend a Q&A call with Amanda.


On your professional goals and learn to approach your L&D offerings strategically so you can increase your impact.


Connect with other HR and L&D professionals. Ask questions. Give and receive support from others who understand what it’s like to be in your shoes.

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Every month you’ll receive a new guide, a Q&A call, and a chance to connect with other members. These resources will support you as you create an L&D strategy, and design and deliver trainings that meet the needs of your organization. It’s a space to ask questions and elevate your offerings.


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Every month you’ll find new resources in the Hive (think videos and digital workbooks) which you can dive into at your own pace when it suits your schedule.

Invest in your professional goals

Learn the strategy and best practices for designing curriculum and tailoring your presentation to any audience.

Expert Instructor

Amanda is the Queen Bee of the L&D Hive and she brings more than a decade of training, facilitating, and coaching experience.  

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The Hive is a place to learn and connect with colleagues. Ask questions and tap into the collective wisdom of the Hive. Offer your experience and expertise to fellow HR and L&D professionals.

inside the hive

Instructional design - best practices and beginning with outcomes

We'll cover topics such as...

Presentation - tailoring your approach to different audiences

Managing key relationships - and communicating with senior leaders

Creating an L&D strategy that meets the needs of your organization

Assessment overview matrix to help you choose what assessments work best for your organization

June 2022

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The Lead Bee Hive Opens

$7500 annually for founding members

"The goal when we first started was to get the team to a place where they were comfortable challenging each other to better… the team has made and continues to make great strides. As a team we are significantly stronger now than we were six months ago."

- Head of Distribution

I bring more than a decade of coaching and training experience to the Hive. I also serve as adjunct faculty for the Executive Coaching Program at Georgetown. I bring a unique blend of empathy and strategic insight to everything I do which allows me to balance outcomes and interpersonal dynamics. I believe HR managers and L&D professionals have the potential to positively impact culture and improve the working experience for everyone at their organization which is why I’m so excited to support them through the L&D Hive.

MEET YOUR instructor

Hi, I’m Amanda

(MBA, MSOD, PCC, Coach/ Facilitator)

That means you have the chance to influence engagement, retention, productivity, culture, and profits by strategically designing and delivering trainings that employees love.

You don’t have to start from scratch, spend thousands on a single training or devote hours of research to be effective.

Retention rates are 34% higher for companies that offer L&D opportunities.

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The Lead Bee L&D Hive has one mission

to make your job a little easier by providing you with the resources and peer network that will save you time and elevate your offerings.

$7500 annually for founding members