Good communication is critical within relationships, teams and organizations. Communication is the cornerstone allowing you to build trust, give and receive feedback, gain buy-in and ensure accountability. Here we’ll talk through the characteristics of good communication, share best practices and highlight actions you or your organization can incorporate...


Leadership development matters. That’s why on our blog, you’ll find best practices to move your organization forward, pitfalls to avoid and real-world examples to learn from. We cover a wide range of topics, such as strategy, communication, leadership and organizational effectiveness.

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A note on communication...

We consider communication at both an individual and organizational level. When we understand and appreciate different styles of communication, we create deeper connections, collaboration and cooperation. And when we communicate clearly, consistently and consciously, organizations thrive. 
86% of employees and executives say the main cause of workplace failure is a lack of communication - we’d like to change that.
Communication doesn’t have to be a source of anxiety - it’s simply a skill to be learned. In fact, understanding how to communicate effectively can help us better understand ourselves and those around us- whether at work or at home.
When we learn to customize our communication style based on the situation and the people we’re speaking to, we’re better able to build relationships, handle conflict and get our message across.

Communication is critical in ensuring understanding, collaboration and coordination across functions, between levels and with outside stakeholders. It is one of the most important elements of any change management process and is essential to crafting a mission and vision. It is vital in setting, sharing and supporting strategy.

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