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Leadership development can make a huge difference in an organization’s culture and ability to attract and maintain great talent and achieve its goals. A key component of leadership development is teaching leadership skills such as emotional intelligence, giving and receiving feedback, and managing performance. Here we’ll talk through skills we’ve found to be essential and share examples of the impact they’ve had...

Leadership Skills


A note on leadership skills...

Great leaders know that expertise isn’t enough. Their success depends on cultivating greater emotional intelligence, self-awareness, resilience, adaptability and strategic thinking. 

57% of employees quit because of their boss (DDI, 2019), which means we need to do a better job of supporting leaders by giving them the skills to succeed.
It’s hard to overlook “soft” skills when considering their impact on retention, engagement and productivity.
We need to teach leaders how to think strategically, be flexible, and manage conflict with emotional intelligence so they can have difficult conversations, hire and manage inclusively and step into any situation with confidence.
And it begins by understanding how to lead authentically - showing up as you are and making it your own.

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