The right strategy can define business success. Strategy determines direction, inspires innovation and keeps the focus on goals and impact that matter. While it seems simple, it can be very complex. In this section, we’ll traverse some of this terrain and suggest options to consider moving forward...


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A note on strategy...

In our ever-changing workplace, we need more forward-thinking leaders now than ever—those who are willing and flexible enough to see things from a different perspective.
There is no one-size-fits-all strategy that will work for every organization. It’s more nuanced than that, with each company bringing its own unique needs and goals.
How you achieve your goals matters; we need to cultivate the skills to think through priorities, consider team dependencies, adjust work outputs and create the kind of culture that respects the people behind the systems so that we can move forward together - as a team - no matter what changes the future brings.

How organizations and leaders arrive at, approach and share strategy vary widely. Who is involved, when and for how long can determine business success. And the planning and handoff of the associated execution are crucial. While it seems simple, it can be very complex. We’ve seen that making the leap from execution to strategy is one of the hardest and most important steps a leader can take.  

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